4 Fashion trends for Autumn / Winter 2022/2023


The trend prediction agency Fashion Snoops announces 4 cultural macro trends for FW 22/23.

The AW 22/23 color palette according to the agency WGSN Y Colorful.

After the pandemic, the "Cultural sentiment" globally, it will express emotions through clothing, so we will see in the Fall / Winter 2022/2023 collections a focus on Recovery. The coronavirus crisis continues to leave its mark in every way and fashion will not be the exception; it will be reflected in the colors, patterns and materials.

#1 trend: Reciprocity

The first global cultural sentiment that will characterize this Autumn / Winter 2022/23 season will be the balance between people and the environment: both parties will help each other to recover through reciprocity, such as new approach to sustainability in cooperation with nature.

According to the studies of Fashion snoop, we will see in the color palette a peaceful synergy of bright colors, neons and metallics combined with neutral tones of nature, all charged with emotion (example below). The styles inspired by fashion outerwear and of the utilitarian fashion will be predominant.

 Distressed-looking jackets, padded jumpsuits, romantic floral prints that reflect the reconnection with nature and utilitarian fashion await us, such as removable hoods. Picture: Miu miu womenswear Fall / Winter 2021.

#2 trend: Hope

Through the optimism, people come together to achieve a common goal and actively work to (re) build your community. The design of clothing in this social evolution symbolizes the human being as vulnerable person, a person who is not hiding his scars and wounds, but embraces his imperfections as a reflection of his experiences. The inclusion will be a keyword.

The garments will reflect what naive and youthful, sweet bright colors and bold prints; the disproportionate dyeing techniques in the prints and contrast threads in the hem symbolize the healing and rebuilding process; the graphic tees They will also take part, with slogans that reflect a certain sentiment as expressions of their own identity or that of an entire community.

In this macro trend, the vulnerability is the center of attention, reflected by the neutral colors, and the brighter colors represent the promising future.

We will see the return of recycling waste fabrics, knits and felt, recycled silver, and renewable and biodegradable materials. It will be about getting creative with the materials you already have. Picture: Maison Martin Margiela FW / 20.

#3 trend: Refuge

Through this trend it will be sought make sense of trauma; the pandemic was mentally tough for many communities and individuals, so they will seek a safe shelter: primary needs, such as security, will give way to delve into nature in search of inspiration and return to the origins.

We will see protective cocoons, soft, padded materials and colors that offer protection and at the same time strength, such as icy tones that radiate security and calm, in addition to a combination with materials such as animal skins, both the real ones and the biofabricated from plant residues.

The rest clothes will offer the warm and comfortable look that people need, these garments will be fitted and with a "cozy" tulle accent, depending on Fashion Snoops, in addition to draped knit garments, striking and dominant sleeves.

3 Maison Margiela 2 2
Come the cocoons silhouettes Y flexible fabrics as in the collection of Sportmax Fall / Winter 2021.

#4 trend: Harmony

This trend focuses on post-crisis healing health through spirituality and introspection: people will look for anything that radiates peace. Find harmony with oneself and with the environment is the objective in this sociocultural factor.

Here we will see neutral tones, paste and dark milk, symbolizing the balance between light and shadow. The renewed materials like useless fiber fabrics, they reappear next to the soft garments, of quilt Y wavy fabrics. In addition, the color-blocking from previous seasons is still valid.

Christian Wijnants Paris Woman Autumn Winter 2020 2021 10 600
In women's clothing the shape will predominate playful, youthful and naive To wear: soft garments, as rest clothing and layers as a feeling of comfort. Picture: Christian Wijnants Fall / Winter 2021.

See the full article in Spanish at Fashion United.

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